Financing Adaptation and Resilience in London and the UK: Moving from Aspiration to Reality

This research project, divided into three separate papers, takes a practical approach by focusing on the real estate and water sectors in London and the UK. Based on industry insights, this three-part research is part of the “Financing Adaptation and Resilience in London and the UK” project. The project identifies and discusses drivers and challenges […]

Macroeconomic Impact of Environmental Policy Uncertainty and Monetary Policy Implications

This paper evaluates the macroeconomic implications of uncertainty arising from delays or unpredictability regarding the timing and extent of environmental policy implementation. An environmental dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (E-DSGE) model shows that increasing uncertainty about environmental policies is associated with a subsequent decline in investment, as firms prefer to postpone investment decisions. The decline in […]

Opinion: How Will Carbon Markets Affect Singapore’s Sustainability Efforts?

Key takeaway #1: Singapore has the potential to establish itself as a carbon services hub with the Eligibility List in place for the VCM, further driving demand for carbon credits if prices continue to be set competitively with global market players. The success of VCM in Singapore also ties in closely with the progressive carbon […]

Green FinTech and Data Centres in Singapore White Paper

Data centre operators and investors play a crucial role in leading sustainable transitions for tropical data centres. Singapore, with its expertise in sustainability and technology, financial centres, and advanced infrastructure networks, is well-positioned to test, scale, and invest in green data centre technologies. Moreover, with its dependable and trustworthy regulatory environment, Singapore should seize the […]

Green Transition and Financial Stability: The Role of Green Monetary and Macroprudential Policies and Vouchers

This paper analyses a mix of alternative policies in supporting the green transition and the phase-out of fossil fuels, without compromising financial stability. An environmental dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (E-DSGE) model with two sectors (green and brown) and endogenous default is developed to assess potential climate-induced financial stability threats that can be mainly generated through […]

Navigating Geopolitical Crises for Energy Security: Evaluating Optimal Subsidy Policies via a Markov Switching DSGE Model

How can policymakers design optimal subsidy policies that enhance energy security in the face of energy disruptions caused by geopolitical conflicts? This paper aims to answer this question, addressing the shortcomings of existing integrated assessment models for environmental evaluation that do not adequately account for the environmental and economic impacts of geopolitical conflicts and do […]

Vietnam Renewables: Investment Priorities

This report was launched at the Vietnam Pavilion at COP28 Dubai, on Wednesday, 6 December. It summarises Vietnam’s power market structure and outlines the main opportunities and challenges for renewable power deployment in Vietnam in the context of its economic growth potential. It also introduces priorities and potential solutions for local and foreign players to […]

Global Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) and Market Infrastructure

This policy brief provides insights on global VCMs and market infrastructure following a roundtable held in London on 19 October 2023. The roundtable, hosted at the City of London Corporation’s Guildhall, was led by Imperial College Business School’s Centre for Climate Finance & Investment and the Singapore Green Finance Centre, in association with global exchanges […]

Financial Implications of Carbon Pricing in the Asian Cement and Steel Industries

This report, published in partnership with the Singapore Green Finance Centre, explores the financial impact of decarbonisation on Asian cement and steel companies covered by selected Asian Emission Trading Schemes, serving to quantify the effect of carbon pricing systems on leading cement and steel producers, operating primarily in China and South Korea. Researchers Dr Anastasiya […]

Interim Report: Green FinTech and Data Centres in Singapore

This report presents interim findings from a research study on the future of green fintech and data centres in Singapore. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we examine the economic, environmental, and regulatory dimensions of sustainable DC futures in Singapore, with the view of identifying transferable lessons to the rest of Southeast Asia and other tropical geographies.