20 Nov 2023

Sustainable Financing for Green Data Centres Workshop

Monday, November 20, 4pm
How can Singapore harness its financial centre status to support the low-carbon and climate-resilient transition of the data centre sector? What kinds of environmental commitments must data centre providers embrace to support Southeast Asia’s growing ‘green’ economy? Join Singapore Green Finance Centre and SG Tech for this workshop where these questions will be addressed and discussed. This workshop is most suitable for ESG, green finance, and digital infrastructure experts working in financial institutions and related sectors.

Breakout discussion
  • How can green finance support the sustainable transition of the data centre sector in Southeast Asia?
  • How have environmental demands and expectations for data centres from financial institutional clients shifted over the years?

  • Dr Winston Chow, Associate Professor of Urban Climate & Lee Kong Chian Research Fellow, College of Integrative Studies, Singapore Management University.
  • Dr Karen Lai, Associate Professor of Economic Geography, Department of Geography, Durham University, United Kingdom.
  • Dr Felicia Liu, Lecturer in Sustainability, Environment and Geography, University of York, United Kingdom.

Summary points from the presentation:

  • Data centres have historically operated ‘behind the scenes’.
  • With rapid digitalisation, especially the rise of artificial intelligence, year-on-year growth of data centre demand has made it highly desirable with stable returns.
  • A versatile asset that fits into multiple types of funds and portfolios.
  • Growing profile and popularity will also inevitably put the sector under enhanced scrutiny.