19 Apr 2023

Green FinTech and Data Centres Workshop

Wednesday, April 19, 4pm
What is the current landscape of sustainability awareness, commitment, and performance of data centre owners, investors, and clients in Singapore? What innovative steps have Singaporean data centres taken to enhance their sustainability performance, and to what extent are these steps relevant and sufficiently ambitious to address the environmental concerns of Singapore’s growing reliance on tropical data centres?


This workshop will explore the concept of “green” in green fintech and discuss the expansion of data centres in Southeast Asia. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange views on best practices, challenges, and the application of innovative technology in data centres. It is designed primarily for professionals working at data centres and related sectors focusing on ESG implications, decarbonisation and green finance.


  • Dr Winston Chow, Associate Professor of Urban Climate & Lee Kong Chian Research Fellow, College of Integrative Studies, Singapore Management University
  • Dr Karen Lai,  Associate Professor of Economic Geography, Department of Geography, Durham University, United Kingdom
  • Dr Felicia Liu, Lecturer in Sustainability, Environment and Geography, University of York, United Kingdom