Sustainability Stewardship Development

Sustainability Stewardship Development is an IBF-STS accredited course that will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to lead and implement effective sustainability stewardship strategies within organisations, particularly in the financial sector. Participants will understand key sustainability stewardship issues, practices, and regulations, and learn how to leverage stewardship to achieve financial and sustainability goals. Through lectures, curated reading and exercises, participants will explore various stewardship approaches while examining global trends, collaborative platforms and techniques for identifying material sustainability issues.


Dr Rajiv Lall is a finance and policy expert with extensive experience in global investment banks and multilateral agencies, focusing on macroeconomic, trade and infrastructure policy issues, international capital markets, and sustainable investing in emerging markets like India, China, and ASEAN. Currently a member of the Management Committee at the Singapore Green Finance Centre and a Professorial Research Fellow at the Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics, Dr Lall is actively involved in building sustainable finance initiatives in Asia. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University and a B.A. (Honours) in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from Oxford University, earning prestigious fellowships and awards throughout his career.


The What and Why of Sustainability Stewardship
Sustainability Stewardship Regulations, Codes and Principles
Sustainability Stewardship in Practice

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Provide Knowledge
Equip participants with an understanding of sustainability stewardship concepts, including engagement strategies, regulatory frameworks, and collaborative platforms.

Foster Strategic Alignment
Help participants align sustainability goals with stewardship practices, emphasising the pivotal role of stewardship in achieving organisational objectives.

Enhance Practical Skills
Develop participants’ practical skills in identifying material sustainability issues, implementing stewardship frameworks, and supporting clients in goal-setting.

Promote Effective Engagement
Enable participants to engage with stakeholders effectively, navigate regulatory landscapes, and drive positive change through stewardship practices.

The course is assessed based on the standard IBF accreditation scheme.

  • MCQ format
  • Individual assessment percentages are 20% per course unit/module
  • Overall passing rate: 80% or more overall and at least 50% per module
Bankers, Asset Managers, Insurance Professionals, Policymakers, Consultants, Accountants, Finance Industry Professionals

SGD 350. This course is recognised under the Standards Training Scheme (STS) and eligible for STS claims, subject to all eligibility criteria being met. Please refer to the IBF website for more information.
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