Sustainable Investment Management

Sustainable Investment Management is an IBF-STS accredited course specifically tailored for professionals in the financial sector keen on driving sustainable investment strategies within their organisations. It provides participants with the necessary expertise to integrate sustainable investment concepts and approaches into their portfolio management practices. It focuses on enhancing participants’ understanding and ability to apply sustainable investment principles to the products and services offered by their organisation. Delving into the key strategies and governance practices, participants will develop a foundation in sustainable investment and gain insights into the evolving landscape of sustainable finance. Upon completion of the course, participants will possess the ability to articulate different sustainable investment approaches to customers and explain how these approaches align with their organisation’s portfolio strategies.


Dr Hao LIANG is an Associate Professor of Finance, and the Co-Director of the Singapore Green Finance Centre at Singapore Management University, where he is also the recipient of the Ho Bee Professorship in Sustainability Management, BNP Paribas Fellowship, DBS Sustainability Fellowship, and Lee Kong Chian Fellowship. He is an extramural fellow of Tilburg University, serving as a member of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI), the Steering Committee of Impact & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium, and the China ESG30 Forum. He has published his research work in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Finance, Journal of International Business Studies, Management Science, Organization Science, and the Journal of Business Venturing, among others. He is the Section Editor (Finance & Business Ethics) of the Journal of Business Ethics, an Associate Editor of the Journal of Business Research, Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, and British Accounting Review, and on the editorial review board of Strategic Management Journal.


What Is Sustainability Finance and Why is it Important?
Key Sustainable Investment Strategies or Investment Approaches and Governance Practices
Tools and Vehicles for Sustainable Investment
Sustainable Portfolio Management
Key Sustainable Investment Principles and Best Practices
Leading Global and Regional Sustainable Investment Initiatives, Coalitions, and Pledges

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Learn at your own pace and convenience.

Develop Proficiency
Understand and explain the application of sustainable investment concepts, principles, and practices to the products and services offered by their organisation. The course will enhance the participant’s proficiency in sustainable investment management.

Enhance Knowledge
Gain a comprehensive knowledge of key sustainable investment strategies, governance practices, and asset classes. The course provides a deep understanding of sustainable investment trends, principles, and best practices, ensuring the participant is well-informed in this rapidly evolving field.

Foster Abilities
Develop the ability to effectively communicate and explain different sustainable investment approaches and their application to the participant’s organisation’s portfolio strategies. The participant will learn to identify appropriate sustainable investment concepts and reconcile potential contradictions. He/She will also gain research skills to support the inclusion of sustainability factors in the portfolio construction process.

Stay Current
Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in sustainable investment. The course aims to ensure the participant is aware of the emerging approaches, challenges, and leading global and regional sustainable investment initiatives, coalitions, and pledges.

Promote Responsible Investment
Adopt sustainable investment principles and best practices, such as the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and the Operating Principles for Impact Management by IFC. The course aims to instil a sense of responsibility and sustainability in investment decision-making.

Drive Sustainable Finance
Empower the participant to lead his/her organisation’s strategies for sustainable investment. By equipping him/her with the necessary knowledge and skills, the course aims to contribute to the growth of sustainable finance and the adoption of sustainable investment practices within the financial sector.

The course is assessed based on the standard IBF accreditation scheme.

  • MCQ format
  • Individual assessment percentages are 20% per course unit/module
  • Overall passing rate: 80% or more overall and at least 50% per module

Bankers, Asset Managers, Insurance Professionals, Policymakers, Consultants, Accountants, Finance Industry Professionals

SGD 350. This course is recognised under the Standards Training Scheme (STS) and eligible for STS claims, subject to all eligibility criteria being met. Please refer to the IBF website for more information.

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