7th Annual GRASFI Conference 2024

The Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment (GRASFI) was founded in 2017 by a network of global research universities to promote rigorous and highly impactful academic research on sustainable finance and investment.

Nature Investment as a Response to the Climate Crisis: Opportunities in Southeast Asia

The objective of the report is to offer investors a menu of investment options. A range of these exist; from ‘armchair investing’ in fixed-income markets with little need for detailed understanding, to money directed at real assets where investors are tied in over time. We offer two case studies: one outlining different investment vehicles for […]

Forestry-Backed Assets Design

In this report, we consider in detail security design mechanisms in relation to forestry projects bundled into forestry-backed securities. We focus on foundational concepts of forest aggregation, which should be of interest to any originator of forestry-linked securities. Once the mechanics of risk aggregation are well understood, it becomes relatively straightforward to tranche the forestry […]

Linkages Between GHG Emissions Scenarios, Temperature Rises & Physical Climate Risk Events in South East Asia (Briefing Note)

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (2001), climate change increases the likelihood of extreme temperatures, exacerbating future climate disasters. If the climate continues to change at its current pace, then intense climate-related disasters could become a permanent characteristic of the future. The location and physical features of disasters vary by geography, inducing […]

Principles of Index-based Country Level Climate Risk Assessment (Briefing Note)

Regulations around the world are making it increasingly necessary for boards to become familiar with the concept of climate risk. Across asset classes, such assessments of physical and transition risk are usually at a corporate and transaction level where they can be looked at by sector. However, some risks present themselves more consistently at a […]

Downscaling of Physical Risks for Climate Scenario Design (White Paper)

This paper discusses how global climate model outputs can be downscaled to spatial resolutions of interest to market participants and asset owners in Asia. Examples are provided for the evolution of temperature, rainfall, wind speed and coastal surge along an adverse climate scenario for Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The downscaling technology allows market […]