Singapore Green Finance Centre


Nature Finance Conference 2023

13th Annual SKBI Conference & 2nd SGFC Conference

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Converging themes
1. Funding gap for biodiversity conservation
2. The role of markets, regulations, public and private funding
3. Challenges include research and data gaps, uncertainties, and the need for systemic approaches and incentives
4. Need for collaboration across all sectors
5. Innovative financial solutions and blended finance as potential solutions

There are several challenges in nature finance, with potential solutions. Key issues include the undervaluation of nature, resulting in biodiversity loss and funding gaps. Some of the proposed solutions include increasing public expenditure on nature protection, reducing subsidies for harmful activities, and incentivising private sector investments through better data, metrics, and training. There is also a need for frameworks to assess and manage nature-related financial risks. While markets and private finance play a role, regulations, disclosure requirements, and blended finance are needed to de-risk nature investments. Innovative financing instruments and blended finance, combining development funds with private capital, are recommended to address financing gaps. Technology can provide valuable data and tools to manage biodiversity impacts and valuation methods. The complex challenges of nature finance will require comprehensive policy changes, financial innovations, increased awareness, and coordinated efforts across sectors.

Keynote 1: Nature Finance - A World Bank Perspective
Muthukumara S. Mani, Lead Environmental Economist, World Bank
Keynote 2 - Nature Finance - Academic Perspective
Caroline Flammer, Professor of International and Public Affairs and of Climate, Columbia University
OCED's Work on Biodiversity and Assessing Nature-Related Financial Risks
Riccardo Boffo, Economist/Financial Analyst, OECD
Why Finance Nature - The Economic Case for Intervention
David Kaczan, Senior Economist, World Bank
Innovative Financial Solutions for Nature
Rekha Reddy, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank
Biodiversity Conservation and Data Innovations
Henry van Kouswijk, Head of Sales Technology, Impact Institute
Rogier Schutte, Head of Product Technology, Impact Institute