Singapore Green Finance Centre



The Singapore Green Finance Centre is committed to the development of green capital markets in Singapore through exceptional educational programmes. Our courses are created in partnership with Singapore Management University and Imperial College London.

Foundational Level

An introductory course inspired by IBF’s Technical Skills and Competencies in Sustainable Finance (SF TSCs). Designed for beginners, it requires no prior knowledge of sustainability or finance.

Introduction to Sustainability and Sustainable Finance
A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
[Update] Module 2 is now available.

IBF-STS Skills Proficiency Level 3

These courses are designed around relevant IBF-STS accredited Sustainable Finance Technical Skills and Competencies (SF TSCs).

Climate Change Management

Sustainable Investment Management

Sustainability Stewardship Development

Carbon Markets & Decarbonisation Strategies

The course is still under development and will be submitted for IBF-STS accreditation. Launching in Q4 2024.

Executive Programme

Climate Finance Academy
21 – 22 March 2024