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The Singapore Green Finance Centre is an initiative of Imperial College Business School and Singapore Management University, backed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and leading global financial institutions.

Over the past 50 years, the world has made enormous economic strides. That progress is now under threat from disease, climate change, and inequality. But sustainability is not just a human imperative, it’s also a transformational opportunity for innovation. Today more than ever, capital markets have an opportunity to create new possibilities for growth and long-term value creation.

The Singapore Green Finance Centre (SGFC) is building a new ecosystem for sustainable investing in Asia, attracting mainstream investment towards the biggest developmental and economic challenge of our time: climate change.

As academic scholars, governments policymakers, and finance executives, we are committed to developing green capital markets in Singapore. We will do this through high-impact research, outstanding educational programs and new talent development. Together we will mobilize a growing community of practitioners who are armed with knowledge, hungry for action, and biased towards solutions.


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